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The Rope – West Virginia Behavioral Healthcare Providers Association

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affect millions of people and their families every year. Yet, they often go undiagnosed by healthcare professionals. This results in an estimated annual combined healthcare cost, lost productivity, and crime of $365 billion.

Life isn’t always easy. Drugs or alcohol may seem like an easy way to relax and forget problems. But, addiction can cause a chronic and progressive disease. Help is available.

Our association advocates for access to a broad continuum of addictions treatment services. If you or someone you know is at the end of your “rope” struggling with addictions you may contact our office or use the “find help” link on this page to locate services in your area.





Susbtance Abuse Committee Develops New Strategic Plan

Susbtance Abuse Committee Develops New Strategic Plan

Monday, August 18, 2014 Charleston, WV Today the members of the Association’s Substance Abuse Committee convened in Charleston to develop a new strategic plan.  Those present were:  Mary Aldred-Crouch (Starlight), Bob Fockler (Seneca), Donna Cooke (Logan-Mingo), Jo Ann Powell (Westbrook), Michelle Evans (Logan-Mingo), Karen Schimmel (Westbrook), Susan Coyer (Prestera), Tina Borich (Southern Highlands), Nancy Demming (Valley), Craig Curtis (Potomac Highlands Guild), Leslie Stone (Stone Strategies), Dolores Lowe and Mark Drennan (Association). The new plan will be put to print in the next two weeks along with a work plan designed for 12-18 months.  Along with the new plan the group developed a new mission statement:  “Our mission is to support & strengthen the statewide substance abuse continuum  of care through leadership and advocacy.”

The new plan highlights three target areas:

  1. Comprehensive Continuum of Care
  2. Support Policies
  3. Effective Partnerships

Our guiding principle is that behavioral health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover.

Special Thanks to Leslie Stone of Stone Strategies who facilitated today’s session.