Craig & Scott de Fasselle

Session Description:

Scott de Fasselle

It’s time to stop worrying that DSP applicants think, “the pay is similar to McDonald’s, and you have to be responsible for someone’s life.”

You can find more people like your amazing DSPs that believe, “the pay is similar, and I get to change someone’s life as a DSP.”

After the session, you’ll understand:

  • How you can dramatically improve your job postings on sites like Indeed
  • How to write text that will motivate the right people to apply
  • Easy changes you can make to your website job application to get more applicants

Craig & Scott’s bio:

Craig de Fasselle

Craig and Scott have helped providers increase their online applicants for DSP jobs by over 300{e1be1af54d26799a927a8d0af76a8bbbfd7aef18e4219abc8118a5384db66cb5}. Recently, they helped a provider avoid wasting $60,000–$100,000 on a retention effort that would not fix the root issue.

They have spoken for the Ohio Provider Resource Association, Rehabilitation & Community Providers Association, and Kentucky Association of Private Providers. In March, ANCOR published their article, Applicant-Centered Recruiting: The Next (Necessary) Innovation in I/DD.

Craig and Scott are father and son, as well as business partners with a personal connection to the IDD community. f